It's My St. Patrick's Day Party and I'll Die if I Want To!

By: Mary Beth Rosenberg

Every year, the brothers of Beta Sigma Gamma throw the biggest and best party of the year to raise money for charity... and raise a little havoc, if seven time senior Teddy O'Shea has anything to say about it. Unbeknownst to him, his studios, longtime girlfriend Tiffany Andrews, has taken it upon herself- as well as her fellow sorority sisters in Yo Gamma Gamma- to set everything up on his behalf! Landing spots on the coveted guest list are Sandy Morgan, Teddy's under-emotional ex-girlfriend, and Whatsamattah U's very own Dean McCoy, a longtime squasher of Teddy's antics. What they didn't plan on was Ted bringing a guest to the party, with deadly consequences!

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